Who’s it For?

The possible scenarios leading to unknown debts or misplaced assets are endless. In the
daily grind of our own lives we can think of so many situations that relate specifically to
our occupation or social strata. In

Business & Finance

In today’s complex business world, deals are often put together involving multiple entities without clear halachic parameters regulating the ownership of such entities. In many instances, disputed money cannot be collected due to ambiguity of in terms of the deal or the true identity of the ownership. While this money cannot be collected in a Bais Din here in this world, or perhaps even in court, the Shulchan Aruch clearly stipulates the obligation to pay up lotzeis yedei Shomayim –one’s obligation to the Heavenly court. Moreover, the fact that the money remains in the hands of the muchzak does not by any means make it his. Often there is no way to figure out who the real owner is.


Anyone who drives a car knows the feeling of driving down a tight street or pulling out of a tight parking spot. Did I make that dent or wad it there before? Sometimes, we just assume the latter. Other times, we spend hours looking for the owner but to no avail.

Small Items

What about when we borrow a pen or a cell phone charger? How often do they end up not being returned? How many things do we have lying around our home that we have no idea from whom they were borrowed?

Petty Cash

How often do we find ourselves short on cash and in need of a quick loan?

In any of these cases, can we say our
hands are clean?

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