Keren Neki Kapayim Terms & Protocolos

ארחץ בנקיון כפים
  • The trustees of Keren Neki Kapayim accept full responsibility for safeguarding all money deposited. All funds will be transferred to a Gemach, where they will be used to provide interest-free loans to honest yerei shamayim.
  • The Keren commits to hold money exclusively in a Gemach or multiple Gemachim with a minimum five-year history showing zero losses of holdings.
  • Depositor agrees for money to be granted to any and all unknown parties to whom he might owe money. This includes creditors from unknown or forgotten loans, victims of damages or losses he might have caused, or any unidentified party that may have a monetary claim against him or to whom he may be obliged to pay לצאת ידי שמים [to satisfy his obligation in Heaven].
  • In an instance where the funds are not sufficient to cover all such liabilities, the money will be divided amongst the unknown creditors as per the order of priority outlined in Shulchan Aruch (Choshen Mishpat 104).
  • The Keren agrees that in the event where the identity of a previously unknown creditor is discovered and he seeks to have the money returned to him directly, or, if the depositor becomes aware that he actually does not owe any money, the money in question will be immediately returned.
  • The Keren commits that any Gemach holding funds of the Keren will be obligated to designate cash holdings as collateral against all money deposited by the Keren, accepting אחריות אונסין – outright, full responsibility for unavoidable accidents and permanently securing the money on behalf of the owner from any potential אונסין.
  • The trustees of the Keren commit to ensuring that in the event of a closure of a Gemach holding funds of the Keren, the money will be transferred to another Gemach based on the aforementioned criteria and conditions.
  • Additionally, the depositor commits that in the event of a deflation of the currency being held, or, an increase in the value of the item for which the repayment was made, the resulting discrepancy would remain his obligation. Hence, the position of the creditor and his potential rights are in no way forfeited or compromised by the return facilitated through the Keren.
  • Depositor agrees that any amount of funds over and above the amount of his unknown debts, which essentially remain his, should likewise be held by the Gemach to be loaned out to borrowers according to the protocols and conditions mentioned above. The zechusim accumulated through these loans will be the depositor’s and the money will be returned to him with the anticipated arrival of Eliyahu Hanavi.