“I add to this that aside from ridding oneself of money that is not his, he actually accumulates outstanding zechusim for the owner of the funds. This initiative doesn’t need my endorsement as it has already been advoca-ted by leading gedolei Yisroel; it is worthwhile to promote it…”

Harav Moshe Shternbuch Raavad, Badatz Eidah Hachareidis, Yerushalayim

“This is a wonderful and effective method to facilitate the return of unknown or forgotten obligations... It is worthwhile for every Heavenfearing individual to return any money that might not be his through Keren Neki Kapayim...”

Harav Shmuel Eliezer Stern shlit"a, Harav Yehuda Silman Shlit”a, Harav Naftali Nussbaum Shlit”a, Harav Ezriel Aurbach Shlit”a, Harav Sariel Rosenberg Shlit”a Harav Yitzchok Zilbershtein Shlit”a