How it works

The return process developed by Gedolei Haposkim for the return of unknown debts
or misplaced assets involves a five-step process designed to immediately effectuate a
complete and permanent return to the possession of the owner whoever or wherever he
might be.



Funds are deposited into the account of Keren Neki Kapayim as caretakers and guarantors of the money until the coming of Eliyahu Hanavi or the verification of the true owner, whenever that may happen.



Using actual cash against the funds deposited into the account, the dayanim and rabbonim of Keren Neki Kapayim physically perform a hakna’ah – a halachic granting that transfers ownership of the funds to the owner to the true owner of the funds, effectuating an immediate & complete hashava – return.


Generating Zechusim

This הקנאה is effective based on the principle ,זכין לאדם שלא בפניו of despite the fact that the money does not reach the hands of the owner, as it will accumulate zechusim on his behalf, by proving free loans through a Gemach.


Achrayus/ Responsibility

Keren Neki Kapayim accepts full responsibility for the money including maintaining meticulous record keeping until the coming of Moshiach when the owner will be positively identified and will be handed over the full amount of his assets.



A full and complete atonement is achieved on behalf of the debtor with the money having been immediately returned to the true owner, generating infinite zechusim on his behalf.